Spiderlane's Superior Spider-Man w/ Tjack gauntlets & frames


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Hi all, just showing off my completed Superior suit. I purchased TJack's domed superior frames and his urethane gauntlets (type 2) and painted them in a metallic silver. The domed lenses have amazing visibility! Pattern is from Orhadar/Gunheaddesigns, although the pattern was printed a tad too dark and doesn't show any muscle shading. I'm probably going to sell this one as I'm in need of some cash.



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Nice work! Although you placed the outer parts of the gauntlets backwards from the original design, they still look good :)


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Thanks! I did, I was going by Ramos' original design where the outer side parts pointed in the opposite direction and didn't quite "fit" in the grooves. I'm overall happy with the outcome. Great work!

JD of Asgard

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that looks awesome! I really like the eyes and web shooters. what did you make the little spider symbol/backpack thing out of?