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So last year in October we were introduced to a character known as 'Spider-UK' (Spider-man if he were British/English from Earth-833). I never thought I'd see a print for spider-UK until I stumbled upon this thread:


And managed to purchase a Spider-UK print from CrazySpidey

For the resizing and sewing of the print I asked cha0tic who also contacted Joe lai for a face shell and lenses, the lenses will be glued to mask. The mask will be separate from the suit and won't be attached, the mask will have a zip on the back to make it easier for putting and taking off. The suit I went for the U zipper option. The soles of the shoes I'll be gluing on my self and using wet shoes as those were suggested and seem like the best option.

Recently cha0tic sent me a picture of the suit which looks amazing (pun intended):


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