Spider-Man vs the Ef-5 Tornado


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My wife and I moved to Joplin about three weeks before the tornado. We had purchased a brand new home just east of the hospital that was shown on the news. The home was a total loss. My wife and I survived as did our three dogs. Spider-Man did not. My life size Yoda didn't fair too well either.


I'm terribly sorry that happened man, Hopefully he can be saved.

I also hope no small children walked past and figured Spidey had tried to save someone and got dusted by a rogue roofing beam.
Man... I bet the Daily Bugle would pay top dollar for those photos!

As bad as Spidey is trashed... it might just be a head start on a battle damaged costume. He does tend to get torn up in the movies pretty often.

Hate to hear about the house, tornados are some of the scariest weather I can think of. Glad that you and your family survived, as well as the dogs. Any chance you had insurance on the house and are looking to rebuild?

Imagine the faces of anyone seeing that, thinking there was a person in the suit trapped.

It looks like a real person in there!

Glad you and your family and pest are ok! As they say, possesions can be replaced, people cannot :)
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