Spider-man (Raimi) 3D Print Files/Pattern - FREE


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Anyone know the size for the front and back spiders? looking to 3d print them :D
Im in the same boat. After looking at pictures looked like it took 4.5 web sections/squares vertically, so i measured that on my suit (6ft tall) which was about 20cm cm vertically turns out the scaling of the files worked out about perfect for my height. Not official but i did mine at ~y = 7.7 inches and x = 5.5 inches and then 0.14 inches for z (3.5mm thick). If anyone else that has a better idea could weigh in that would be great. Hope that helps. As for back spiders went off images and tried measuring a similar length on my suit. Which was 11 inches (28cm) by 10.7 (27.2) inches at the same z height as front spider. Had some weird scaling where it confused mm instead of inches (but the correct numbers) so be wary of that if that comes up.


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I am wondering how I can figure out the correct sizing of the web files. When I open up the .stl file they open very small. I am hoping to save them in the correct size. My Height is 5'10. Thank you very much.


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Did someone know how to cast spiders on urethane? Some idea?
Hi, the best way from what I have seen is and what I am going to try myself for an emblem is 3d print, smooth it all out and cast using Smooth On Mold Star 15. Once the cast is made I will cast in urethane using Smooth On Products. I am hoping to have this done soon. I would check out their YouTube channel.

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