Spider-Man Ps4 classic suit build

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So I always wanted a good Spider-Man costume as a kid but there were all utterly rubbish. Either loose fabric or then later with built in muscles, I could never understand why you couldn't buy a decent version. Then after the Raimi films came out and spidey planet released theirs I realised now they have I haven't got 5K to spend on one. Finally a year ago I noticed all of the suits popping up on amazon which to me seemed fantastic at the time but once I had one I started looking into better costumes and stumbled onto this site. Since then I've read I think every build thread since 2012 and all of the superherohype thread "making the perfect spiderman costume".

So after reading thousands of pages and painting my cheap amazon costume, buying some zentaizone and herostime costumes on coloured fabric I decided to finally make my own. This thread will show where my first suit build which is going quite well and I'll update it as I make more progress and put on the finishing touches.
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So first things first, I started by using the pattern made by scratch thread patterns, who I believe make patterns for the amazing spider-lab. Great pattern and the sewing guide is what I used to mark out onto coloured fabric, no sublimation on this suit.

Once I'd traced it the pattern by using a torch under a sheet of acrylic with the pattern paper below the fabric it was time to start painting.


For the paint after testing with slick paint and latex I decided on the latex. It stretches and returns perfectly unlike puff paint and peels off easily with no marks left if you make a mistake, I'll try a test with a puff/latex mix in future too to see how that turns out. Also seems easier to make clean lines with the latex. I didn't paint the seams along most of the webs as I wasn't sure how accurate my sewing would be as it's my first time trying so thought if they don't match I can just paint them once sewn for perfectly aligning webs.


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Once the painting was done it was time to start on the sewing, not an easy task with all of the different panels that make up this costumes blue sections but i IMG-20210516-WA0012.jpg think it turned out OK.

20210512_200327.jpg 20210513_184533.jpg 20210514_102558.jpg IMG-20210513-WA0000.jpg IMG-20210513-WA0003.jpg IMG-20210516-WA0009.jpg

The sewing on the red was a little easier as the fabric is very thick, twice as thick as my zentaizone suits and hard to put into perspective on pictures.
IMG-20210516-WA0011.jpg IMG-20210516-WA0014.jpg
By far the hardest part was the gussets I'm the hands, found it much easier after the first to do the second on a normal sewing machine and it was much quicker and cleaner, unfortunately the fingers are a little long. Same with the mask zipper, it's a little wavy as I think there's not enough stretch so I'm thinking if I wear a faceshell it might help, still need to try it with my tjack asm2 shell to see if that helps.

The uzip was also a pain, I future I'll do a zip up one side and around d the red to the middle of the neck or have a sepersting waist zipper like I did for my 7 piece asm2 costume that herostime made for me.

20210130_145109.jpg 20210130_152755.jpg


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Still finishing up the last of the painting, so much harder once it's sewn. After that I'm on the process of modeling the spiders in 3d to print mold and cast in rubber. I've made an asm2 chest spider which isn't perfect but is close enough for me so am confident they should turn out well. I've ordered some scuba boots as they have the perfect shape but the site haven't sent them yes abd are dodging my calls and emails trying to get and eta on when they'll be sent. 20210523_130402.jpg

So thats where I am now and I hope some that might help anyone else trying to put their own costune together. I'll keep posting updates as they happen but the modeling will probably take a little while.

Any questions just post them on here and I'll answer as best as I can.
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This looks really great and clean! Did you make the pattern or buy it off someone? Because Im interested haha

Edit: nvm, read the scratch thread patterns part

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