Spider-Man No Way Home Classic Suit

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Here's my homemade Spider-Man suit that I've been working on for the past several months. The pattern was the Homecoming suit pattern from Scratch Threads (I started this before they made a pattern for this specific suit).

The emblems were made from foam and then plastidipped before being superglued onto the suit (the back emblem was also given several coats of glossy red)

Despite not using a face shell, the lenses are magnetic. I made the lens frames from layered paper as seen in Sean's Crafts' video, and then made another set of lens frames from foam. Small magnets were applied to both, so that the foam lenses can sit under the fabric mask, and the nice ones can go over it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Spiderman/comments/v69w11 The mask made from the original pattern didn't turn out very good, so I found another pattern, and despite some slightly lumpier sewing, I think it turned out much better.

20220606_115913_HDR (1).jpg

I still have to add proper shoes to the suit, and have been unable to find any reference for the webshooters on this suit. Would they just be the ones from the Far From Home suit recolored?


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Jacob Center

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So, quick update, I've finally got shoes glued in. I went to Walmart and got a cheap pair of loafers (a couple sizes too small to make sure they'd be tight) and a pair of watershoes to use as outer soles. I originally intended to have the entire rubber sole go around the edges of the boot, but I've found it looks better if only the very bottom is there, hence them not being visible in the 2nd pic.

Here are some more pictures of the full suit:

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