Spider-Man Miles Morales costume build


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Hey guys! After spending a lot of time researching on how people create their dye-sublimated Spidey outfits, I thought I'd give it a go :)

Here's what's on the workbench


I've been working on a Miles Morales dye-sub pattern for quite sometime now. Decided to make a whole new type of muscle shading for the torso. I based it off of Bruce Lee's abs and chest haha. Something I guess to differentiate my design from the muscle structure seen in the costume from the Raimi movies.

Since it was too difficult to work on the hi-res file (300mb small), I figured I could do some experimenting on a lower resolution one. So the image you see above isn't the final design :)

Hoping I can find a good dye-sub printer over here! Not many of them here in Manila.

Trying to get a set of comic book frames from Brad as well. I hope he's able to do them in red. I figured it'd be possible given that he does the back Spiders in that color.


I'm also thinking of doing designs that I haven't seen done in dye-sub style yet. Probably the classic and ultimate Spider-Woman costumes. :D


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Woooow very very nice the work in pattern, :lol congratulations. And continu so. I like the style.. uff I already want to do mine but I'm learning so far and to do hope do mine :)


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Thanks a lot for the positive response you guys! I'm really glad you guys like what I've done so far :)

@TaylorMcManus: Dude, I was really inspired by the work that you've done! I saw your progress threads over here and it gave me that extra push to start making dye-sub designs. :D

@ugameenough: Thanks a lot! I've been following your Miles Morales build as well and it's left me very impressed! Can't wait to see more from you too :D


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That is a thing of beauty! Great job. I really like that musculature you created.

Can't wait to see the rest.

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