Spider-Man: Lotus Suit Replica From The Original Makers


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Hey everyone,

I have been a long-time member here and all the way back starting this account I had the ultimate goal of owning a movie accurate Spider-Man suit. After 10 years I think we are finally there!

While working on my comic accurate suit Mystery's Comic Spider-Man Build (Pic Heavy) I hinted that there was an other suit that was in the making. Well I am happy to share with you guys that I was one of the 10 people who were able to get the Spider-Man fan-film suit when it was briefly made available to the public back in May 2021.

The people who have made this suit are absolute geniuses and you can follow them on @the_amazing_spider_lab, @lds_3d and @comicsuitfactory_ respectively on instagram (they also make the best TASM and TASM2 suits out there). If you want to follow me as well, and see some additional pictures of the suit, I made an account not too long there under the name @hyphenbetweenspiderandman.

Enjoy the pictures (pictures are taken by @aegidiusdesigns who is an amazing friend, and has made some of the best suits I have seen, please give him a follow as well)!

IMG_8369.jpg IMG_8370.jpg IMG_8374.jpg IMG_8387.jpg IMG_8390.jpg IMG_8394.jpg IMG_8395.jpg IMG_8415.jpg IMG_8417.jpg

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