Spider-man lenses, gluing vs magnets: Which is better?


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Lately I've been pondering the thought of buying a mannequin head to put my spider-man mask on and glue the lenses I have onto my mask. I'm just wondering if it's worth doing, my main reason for doing this is that my mask slides up the face shell and so the slits in the eyes start becoming visible above the lenses and also means I can't see very well where I'm going. The reason I haven't yet is cause I am worried I'll mess it up and put them on wrong plus the lenses become fogged up, due to them being magnetically attached to the face shell I can easily take them off, wipe them and place them back on. So what do people mainly do? Glue or magnets? I dunno if anyone has any tips to stop the mask from riding up the face shell or not?


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I think it's a matter of personal preference.I have a spider-man costume and a set of lenses that need to be glued on the mask at some point in time,and having a mannequin head is needed for sure.Since zentai costumes allow you to breathe,I don't think the lenses will fog up.

With face shells you may have a perfect fit,but it will get warm in there,despite having holes for air and detacheable lenses.

It's up to you what you want,but personally I would glue the lenses on with superglue,suitable to fuse two different elements.Don't forget to mark the contours of your old lenses as you remove them with a buttonhole cutter (I would not glue the new lenses over the old ones):
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Apply some Seam Grip on the chin and nose of the face shell. Prevents the lycra from shifting.

I'll take some pics of mine. Works great for magnetic or glued on lens frames.


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Magnets simply for the fact you have the choice of on and off, you can swap frames without damaging the suit and it can throw in the wash.
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