Spider-man Disney/Sony deal over? New Deal achieved for Spidey 3 & involvement in Marvel MCU

that's weird... so... they're still going to make tom holland spiderman films, but with no tie in to the rest of the Marvel universe any more (besides what comes with "spiderman", like the villains)?

So, no more mention of Tony Stark? No Shield? No Fury? No Snap?

I mean fine; good luck, I don't want them to be bad, but I think they'd certainly seem out of place if half the background got yanked away.

I guess I'll just accept they may be no more enjoyable than Venom (worth watching, but nothing special), and hope they can pull off more movies to rival spider-verse.
So, no more mention of Tony Stark? No Shield? No Fury? No Snap?

I wonder what story elements they will be able to use considering Far From Home was co-produced by Marvel Studios. Will they be able to refer to the plot of FFH? The bombshell reveal made by JJJ?
I wonder what story elements they will be able to use considering Far From Home was co-produced by Marvel Studios. Will they be able to refer to the plot of FFH? The bombshell reveal
made by JJJ

Jaitea can we get a "[no spoilers please] type of label affixed to the end of the thread name? There's probably still a number of folks interested in what's going on in spiderman production, that haven't seen the most recent flick yet.
To be fair, reading the article you can probably see why Sony balked. The Mouse wanted a 50/50 cost/profit share, meanwhile they own 100% of the merchandising rights already....
This was not the news I wanted to hear today...or ever for that matter. Yet, here we are. Fans getting jerked around by a bunch of suits arguing about money and ruining everything for everyone.

I've been following this all day and have a lot of thoughts. So, to boil it down it appears that Disney wanted to split box-office profits for future Spider-Man installments 50/50 with Sony. Sony said no and Disney said "fine, we'll pull Feige from producing any future Spidey projects and kick Spidey out of the MCU. You're on your own." Some reports say that Sony came to Disney with some compromises, but Disney declined. I find that part interesting.

I understand where both sides are coming from. Disney feels they've earned a larger cut of the profits than the 5% they've been making, whereas Sony is trying to hold on to the one successful franchise they have left. Now, I think Disney is being incredibly greedy (shocking!) considering they make 100% of the profits from merchandise sales and already own pretty much everything in the entertainment industry. They don't need any more money, but Disney will be Disney I suppose. None of that surprises me in the slightest. Sony on the other hand is being far too bold to take Spidey back and want to do it on their own, considering their track record with the character. Tom Holland's Spidey wouldn't be what it is without Marvel Studios/Disney, plain and simple. In that regard, if they didn't actually offer up compromises and stood firm with the original Disney-gets-5%-deal, they're being disrespectful to those that helped them create Far From Home, the highest grossing film they've made to date. What I'm most worried about is Sony getting cocky and saying "fine, we just made Into the Spider-Verse on our own and it was a smash hit. You've laid the creative groundwork for us on Holland's Spidey universe, we can take it from here. We don't need your help anymore, bye!"

Having said all that, I have faith in Kevin Feige. He worked tirelessly to make an agreement that no one ever thought was possible a reality, and now that reality is crumbling. He loves Spider-Man and he knows the value that the character can bring to the universe he's built. He has plans and a vision for the character and he won't let them fade away without putting up a fight. And remember when Disney fired James Gunn? Then Feige and co. talked it over with the big wigs and got him re-hired? I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens, although he's faced with bringing two studios together instead of one this time around. But, it happened before so it can happen again.

I'm trying to refrain from panicking too early. I say we give it a bit of time to work itself out and I suspect it will all be ok. I get the feeling this 'leak' was pushed out intentionally by one side as a strategic play and negotiating tactic to strong-arm the other side. Also, does anyone else think it's weird that the announcement of a Far From Home re-release, Sony buying up Insomniac Games, AND this all came out within 2 days?? That smells fishy to me...

Either way, drop the 50/50 bulls*t, Disney. Give Sony a win for pete's sake. Or find a compromise, please for all that is holy. Anyway, if all of this doesn't pan out and Spidey is gone from the MCU for good, I'll be pissed.
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I suppose the original deal was that Spidey would appear in the Avengers/MCU films for Marvel,.....since there are no big multi-character films on the slate for Marvel as they move into the next phase, its back to solo films

So there is no deal for Marvel, it was time to re-negotiate

It my humble opinion that whoever is bickering over whatever rights and money to be made of whatever content should think of the fans first,and their own interests second.
In effect, we the fans pay for their salaries by the tickets we buy for the theatres.No audience, no franchise.
To quote Tony Stark in Iron Man II: "It's not about me, it's not about you.It's not even about us.It's about legacy, what we choose to leave behind".Do with it what you will, Disney/Sony.Just consider the consequences of your decisions.
Well that sucks. I agree though, looks like a strategic play. I'm sure they'll get a deal done, otherwise it would be a shame. I'm pretty much done with the MCU but Spider-Man was the one character I still wanted to see more of.

So how long before Disney just buys Sony Pictures?
But Sony has proven they can't do the character on their own... Spider-verse (which I LOVED) isn't the same thing as a live action Spidey...

Sony is like the guy who after 5 failed stints at rehab, is checking himself out again cuz "Pretty sure I got it this time...."

No. You don't.

I'm gonna end up sitting on my front steps, throwing a baseball into a glove, waiting for a good Spider-man movie that will never come.
Taking 95% of moderate hit or 50% of a slightly bigger hit. I can see why Sony told them to go F themselves.

I don't know the answer, but who did the work?

If sony wasn't funding more than half the production, wasn't writing, or doing the actual production, 95% of the take seems extreme. If they were doing it all and Feige just signed off on their ideas (which i'm pretty sure is not the case), then i can see 95%.

Maybe it's all a sneaky plot by Sony....piss off disney, get disney to say @#$% it and just go out and buy sony pictures to get the license back, everyone at sony makes a mint.
I think Sony has far more to lose in this than Disney. Sony could not make a decent Spiderman film on their own- they messed up Sam Raimii's third film and killed off it's sequel by interfering with the production, tried to reboot it with two films which were disappointing then when Marvel stepped in Spiderman became golden. I believe money talks and if Sony wants to have a successful franchise they are going to have to let someone else make the films for them.
just my two cents...
If this is true, Sony hasn’t learned from ghostbusters 2016...

The fans will be in uproar if marvel isn’t allowed to continue where it left off..

Is Spider-Man a curse? Or is Sony just dumb?

Do it again Sony... see where it leads you... GB2016 was a great hit..

Idiots.. totally disgusted
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