Spider-man costume replica Sam Raimi version


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Hi everyone my name is Mattia or Mattew if you prefer, i'm italian so first of all exuse me if my engllish will not be perfect and consider that i have some difficulties to understand all perfectly. I want to do my compliments for the forum which is really fantastic and it's much time that i wanted to sign it.:)
Since i was a child i want to make in particular a replica of Sam Raimi spider-man costume which is my favorite and the most beautiful for me, so i decided to sign to have your help for many useful information and thank you in advance for all you'll say me.
I'm started to work on my personal pattern with photoshop and i'm learning to use it from scratch. I already watched the wonderful work of Nick and i know the most beautiful replicas such as of Spidey Planet that is the most accurate for me.
My first question is about another pattern taht i found during my research and you know certainly, that one of Ollie, i had read that is the original full pattern but is this true? how is it possible that someone have it?


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Ollie's suits are no longer available. You might be able to find a complete Ollie suit on ebay or in the junkyard. They are very rare but pop up sometimes.


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Yes but i asked if his suit was really build from the original pattern used for the film such i had read because i saw images of the print fabric and was very similar to the photo of the file by Warren Manser which by i'm started for my pattern..


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There are a few different variations of the pattern that were released:

1) TKComics - The most common copy originating from scans of the thermal transfer sheets from the production. It's a very low contrast scan though done at a local copy shop (apparently) so the bricks disappear in the darker areas.

2) Version 2 - The origins of this pattern are a bit of a mystery, but seem to be a higher resolution and higher contrast scan of a set of thermal transfer sheets including most of the bricks in the darker areas. THIS is the pattern that Ollie/ODVH had access to. Initially he was the only person with access to it, but a small handful of people (Roughly 30-60 people by my estimates) now have it.

3) Imageworks File - This is the original digital file created by Sony Imageworks. This file has EVERY detail included and is the highest quality. Ollie never had access to this file, and to this day fewer than 7 people seem to have access to it. (Fettster, Spidey4Fun, and Superman5 are the ones who I know have used it to create prints)

4) Custom Files - There are now TONS of these. Originally Spidey4Fun and Myself were some of the few to create custom files, but after I posted instructions for how to do it yourself, there's been a bit of an explosion, including KenLandrum's awesome work. These files are in many ways AS GOOD as the Imageworks files since they have every detail the designer puts in. In other ways, they are better than the Imagework's file since they are infinitely customizable. Nowadays, these are the most likely files to see for exactly that reason.

Hope that Spidey history lesson helps a bit.



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Thank you very much!, you clarified me the ideas and all i found on the web but that i couldn't put together; and is it possible in some ways to find this thermal transfer sheets yet?
i'm curious to know in addition how these people had access directly to the imageworks file, are people who warked on it in some ways?

Respecting to custom files instead i'm very informed and i know that you are one of the first who realized them and i already saw KenLandrum's work but i decided to try to make it my self the same, at the moment i'm finding some difficulties with the shading body.On this point i saw that you have a production made print from Spider-man 2 and i wanted to ask you if is possible to make an high definition photo of it that would help me a lot at least for those peaces, thank you.


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Ciao Matthew ! Welcome to the RPF,and good luck with your Spidey suit! :thumbsup I have the same Sam Raimi version
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