Spider-Man 3 Black Raimi Suit


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Hey so I've been wondering for awhile what spider-man suit I want because I really really want to get one and for awhile I wanted what everyone else did, the TASM2 suit. I looked at all those options for awhile, but just recently I realized that not many people have the black suit so I wanted to get one but I can't seem to find anywhere that really sells them, so I was wondering if you guys could possibly help me out and list some sites that sell them or something, but keep in mind that I'm just a teenager and I can't afford those super expensive prints that cost extra to sew. And if anyone knows how I could replicate the brick pattern on that suit that would be great!


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Here is the Raimi version.


I think someone took my TASM 2 pattern and did the same.


Thank you so much kenlandrum, you are the best, I love this! You did an extremely great job and I am amazed that you are just giving this away but I am also so thankful that there are awesome people like you in this world, I might not get this printed until next summer actually because I have school and not enough time to modify it with puffy paint and such, but I am just so thankful! When and if I do start modifying this suit I will definitely tag you or message you or something so you get credit for this. And I just want to say that this is very nicely done and definitely the best I have ever seen on the internet and I look forward to wearing this, so this is the whole suit right? And there are no screen printed lenses on it or anything?
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Ok I tried to download the print but it was taking an extremely long time and I'm not sure why but could you possibly share it some other way so it wouldn't take as long?

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