SPFX Chopper zombie mask paint retouching plus makeup test


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Hard as hell to even think of screwing with the paint of an SPFX mask, probably why it's taken me year to actually do it LOL didn't do anything but add a little blood and gore, and some clumps of hair, so the real paint job still remains, and it as perfect as the day I got it! That cheek though, it was just crying out for some blood, and of course, you can't merely dab a little paint and be done, so he got a tad more gore ;) This is going to be my Halloween mask this year, and most likely many to come LOL so wanted to do a makeup test with it early so I know I'm good to go on the big day. We'll be moving between now and then, so not a lotta time but the present! Pretty damn happy, might go a tad darker around the eyes, but I like how they blend, also my cheeks, little darker, maybe add some more blood red too camouflage them when they show that tiny bit through the teeth. Overall, I think the last shot sums it up ;) LOL Still have some of the rest of the costume to work on, namely the undershirt that will have a good chunk of gore where that big hole is. Hoping to get something in in time to add there!













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Thanks guys!! Yeah, one of the cool things with silicone, you can mix the paint so it will retain that nice high gloss, wet look!
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