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Ahoy! My name is Ben, and I have 2 major passions in life: Star Wars and motorcycles. For years, I've been planning and drafting my idea to turn a vintage straight-frame Honda into something very close to the 74-Z Speederbike from ROTJ. I've built a dozen or so motorcycles from the ground-up in the past few years, and I've finally found the right bike, and the right circumstances to build this project. Sunday, I bought a barn-fresh 1971 Honda CL 125 K5. As you can see, it almost looks like a speeder to begin with (the blue bike):


I have a lot of bike-building experience, and I'm finally ready to make it happen. I've never seen anyone attempt to do anything similar (with the exception of the H-Wing, but that's not really the same), and I'd love it if some of the folks from this community wanted to extend their engineering expertise or even come out to the garage if they're around the Indianapolis area. It's a difficult and lengthy build, but if it works out, it's something that will get a LOT of attention.

Thanks a bunch!

Luke Skywalker

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I hope to see progress. It sounds like an awesome idea. A speederbike, and maybe a swoop bike too. I'm gonna keep checking this thread. good luck :)
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