Speed Racer Saw Blades - You always wanted...


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As a kid, who didn't want saw blades on your car so you could drive through a forest? Not the new SR, the original SR. As a kid, and maybe even today, nothing was cooler than SpiderMan and the Mach 5. Nothing.

I put a new bumper on my Jeep so I now have hard points to attach things to.
I want to make an easy on easy off "Zombie Mode" which has saw blades (just for laughs, non functional". Think Zombieland. However, old Buzz Saw blades are collectible items since people use them to paint on.
New saw blades are very expensive and small. (sharp too)

I think I will try a lumberyard for old worn out ones. Any other ideas? I could fabricate them but they would not look "Machined"
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