Speed Racer (2008) Mach 5 Keys


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I love this movie. I don't care what anyone says.

Not much to do in the way of prop replicas, but I think it might be cool to do a set of the Mach 5 Keychain and Key cover:


Got a couple of approaches in mind, but anyone have any ideas/tips for how this might be tackled?


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Going on record, a fantastic
Movie , love watching it.... Very under rated

I guess the best way would be to sculpt it honestly

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I grew up on the cartoon and I really appreciate that movie. I loved it, I wish there were sequels.

Anyhow, I would love to see the keys made. I really wanted some prop replica company to pick up the replica license in hopes of getting a helmet.


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That movie was awesome. Just an all around feel good movie that kept the same pace and style of the cartoon. Usually that isn't something that translated well into live action, but they did a good job with that one. :thumbsup

As for the keys and key chain, I was thinking if you could get your hands on some M&M man figure the right size it could stand in nicely for the key chain after you amputate its hands and feet and smooth out its face.

The key itself I don't know, maybe you could mold that in Sculpey then take casts to fit around your car key?

I absolutely LOVED "Speed Racer"...I keep waiting for more people to discover it, but sadly it's been four years and I'm afraid no one else will :cry

As for the keys, that M&M figurine tip sounds like a good start for the keychain. As for the key, do you have a screencap of its tip? For the key, I'd go with wood/wood dowel with a small rectangle of styrene for the tooth. Maybe red plastidip for the key cover? Finish it off with white waterslide decals for the "M" logo.

Good luck, Nick!


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Well....I grew up watching the cartoon. It was full of so many stories that could have easily made it to the big screen. Wish they had used more of the cartoons dramatic driving music. Still overall, it's a fun movie!


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I like the movie too. My youngest son (who is 6 now) really loved the movie when we saw it in the theater. He was so into it and cheering Speed on. All three of my sons started watching the cartoon around that time too.
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