Speed Build: Mjolnir


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Here is my speed build of Mjolnir. I did this in just four days for the opening of Age of Ultron this weekend. It's my first build and first post so any feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated!

The head of the hammer is made out of 0.25" MDF with pine supports. Everything was glued and pinned with an air pinner. The ends of the hammer were cut out of 1" MDF. I used spackle to fill in the gaps then sanded and primed it.
IMG_4479.JPG IMG_4482.JPG IMG_4483.JPG IMG_4484 (1).JPG IMG_4498.JPG

The handle is a cheap dowel glued to the 0.25 MDF sheets on top and bottom and then nailed for extra security.

The runes were cut out of vinyl but I measured the facet wrong so I ended up having to cut off the bottom of the sticker. I painted the head with matte black then lightly with silver to give it that weathered look. Then a coat of clear to seal the decals to the hammer.
IMG_4503.JPG IMG_4504.JPG IMG_4522.JPG

The handle was wrapped with black scrap leather that I had laying around and finished the build with a painted EVA pommel.
IMG_4521.JPG IMG_4511.JPG IMG_4523.JPG

All these photos were oriented correctly on the computer but I couldn't figure out how to rotate them once they were uploaded.

Let me know what you guys think! I am already itching to make the next one!


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Looks like you had fun! For your first build and 4 days it's great. I'm sure you now have ideas for things you would change if you wanted to make another one (maybe with a longer timeline!). Looking forward to seeing that build.
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