Speed build:Battle damaged Mk 43 IM *Update 19/04*


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I'd like to take a moment to thank jackieisrockin and Helagak for their fantastic pep files!

I'm trying to put together a mark 43 suit for the avengers premier, the release in the uk is april 23rd, so that gives me 24 days from time of writing, better late than ever eh?
I thought might as well start a thread to keep me motivated.
I'm using lots of the reference images of the damaged mark 42 to base my suit's damage on. Some areas I want to have the exoskeleton showing through, as well as moving bits and flickering lights etc.

I'm aiming for something like this: (but with the mk43 paintjob of course.)
hot-toys-1-6-scale-iron-man-3-collectible-bust-series-battle-damaged-mark-XLII-1.jpg 10866271_10152754990826139_4779524416671886749_o.jpg FIG-KAI-5184_14.jpg

As of now I have the helmet peped and fiberglassed,
The boots and shins are almost 100% complete.
11017119_1021189937909525_1318322155195882979_n.jpg 10307379_1028515120510340_1147499703409416967_n.jpg 11110884_1028515210510331_6488119527296952536_n.jpg
The damaged boot features 'working' hydraulics. after painful testing and some maths, I built these from dismantled and cut down extendible aerials from a local £store.
11076231_1028780457150473_44656715728769808_n.jpg 11081165_1028780263817159_3251165024879883784_n.jpg 11102737_1028780630483789_3333408640073250241_n.jpg
The foam around where the pistons are mounted will need some strengthening, but other than that, just the inner detail to do and the top to finish!
There's videos of it in action on my facebook page if anyone want's a closer look.

Thanks for looking!











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Re: Battle damaged Mark 43 Iron Man suit

Nice detail! Love how the damage on that boot looks. Very nice. Looking forward to watching this project come along. Keep it up!


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Re: Battle damaged Mark 43 Iron Man suit

Thanks for the kind words guys, and thanks Kadza, great reference!
Sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy getting parts built.
The legs are 95% done, The abs and cod are 60% finished, and I have almost all of the paints/materials/parts I need to complete this thing.
The helmet has two coats of filler primer and is awaiting filling/sanding.
Also the UK premier is the 21st, so I have 1 less day to work with than I originally anticipated. Yay.

18088_1031952666833252_5770046526712439674_n.jpg 10408646_1033678989993953_7409272668890377879_n.jpg 11053369_1033679126660606_6084873221536158775_n.jpg 11071950_1032702106758308_1917023627352100014_n.jpg
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Re: Battle damaged Mark 43 Iron Man suit

So it's been a busy week or so, i've got everything built. the helmet needs a few blemishes fixed and the leds installed, but all the foam parts are built, strapped, heatsealed, and all but the legs have been primed and painted with my red paint of choice (citroen wicked red.) Tomorrow is the last day i have before tuesday (premier day) I'm off early in the morning to pick up some more primer (i ran out) and then finish painting everything. I've also got to install the chest led panels. I'll have a little extra time tuesday morning if i need it, as i'm driving in to london for about midday, as there's a Guinness world record attempt for the largest gathering of marvel characters.

Here's a few work in progress pics and some test suit up pics!

11038390_1037332646295254_3519973140764068529_n.jpg 11569_1038529839508868_2127940063453846469_n.jpg 11114020_1038530109508841_2287802129609735353_n.jpg 11133715_1034277753267410_7639838860892706796_n.jpg 19707_1034277859934066_3513793341271507217_n.jpg
10394524_1039942739367578_1315590342865644687_n.jpg 10985340_1039942806034238_4277328196153741853_n.jpg 11149322_1039942622700923_2723164948216675319_n.jpg 11156129_1040637155964803_6429592588412181692_n.jpg 11060244_1040636609298191_8535273729493926258_n.jpg 10987350_1040636409298211_8293085247361140070_n.jpg
11133872_1037661999595652_6475138792725400974_n.jpg 10923828_1037913392903846_7334033749990184262_n.jpg 11162211_1039159879445864_5472060996926616996_n.jpg 11129195_1039868006041718_665314159060327548_n.jpg 10250158_1039867969375055_1618517355169419135_n.jpg
11139981_1041629372532248_5689117463278238040_n.jpg 20927_1041629442532241_2519479254026664764_n.jpg



















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I did manage to finish it!
Unfortunately Jarvis malfunctioned and I ended up being a little late to the premier, so needless to say, I couldn't get right up the to the barriers, but it was great fun regardless.
Not great pics, but I'm going to post what I have. I'm hoping to get some better pictures of it soon!

I'm really happy with it, and after quite a few hours in it up and down stairs and on the tube there was little to no damage. There's a few parts missing (such as the neck, knee and elbow covers, back of the helmet, so i'll update the thread with any additions and changes.



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Incredible detail! You did a great job on all the under-the-skin tech stuff! And to do it in less than a month is pretty amazing.


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Blackout this is absolutely fantastic. So impressive, and I can't wrap my head around that you did it in less than a month!
I was wondering which helmet file you used for the build? I can't find one with a closed face hole anywhere!


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Wow! This is amazing! I'm actually starting to prefer the battle-damaged builds more than the "clean" builds, as they look much more realistic. The paint job on this beauty is fantastic, too.
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