Spectre Ring Replica

Sold for 50 GBP
James Bond Spectre Ring Special edition (.925 silver) with C.O.A.

£50 plus shipping

Good condition - requires some silver dip!

Introducing a high quality prop replica of the iconic SPECTRE agent's ring as seen in Spectre (2015). Crafted in sterling silver, the ring features the octopus symbol in black.

Backstory. Worn by Lucia Sciarra, the James Bond Spectre Ring leads Bond to the SPECTRE organisation headed by Blofeld. A SPECTRE agent's ring was first seen in From Russia With Love (1963). It was completely remodelled for the 2015 film and played a key role in Bond's mission. Designer Dennis Gassner worked with Key Graphic Designer Laura Grant to create a new version of the symbol which is used throughout the story.

Details. The beautifully crafted sterling silver ring is uniquely presented in a black gift box, as if emerging from the signature 007 gun barrel.

Dimensions. Outer diameter 24mm/0.94", Inner diameter 21,5mm/0.84", W 7.4mm/0.29"


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