spectacular movie - STARCRASH!! 1979, hasselhoff and christopher plummer..


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The Australian comedy group Double Take would redo the dialogue on films (which was itself made into the movie Hercules Returns).

Under their hands Starcrash became a movie about a plant to disrupt the Intergalactic Fashion Awards. It actually made it watchable :love


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L'Umanoïde (1979) aka The Humanoid is still the best 70s Star Wars rip, it's so bad and wrong it's good...

It's like a real life incarnation of urban legend, change it by a certain percent and it's not infringement :lol:lol:lol


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I'm still dealing with Joanie being rapped by a maggot. :lol

Actually Joanie wasn't the one raped by the giant maggot. She got caught in a tunnel and some weird tentacles things exploded her head. Some blonde hottie got raped by the maggot----and she seemed to enjoy it:unsure

Mola Rob

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Luigi Cozzi certainly has a flair for making "special" movies. I watch Starcrash, Hercules, or Hercules II now and then just for laughs. I love the Jedi wannabe in Starcrash who seems to have had about 1200 cups of coffee. :lol


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Ah, yes, thank you. I always thought Poltergeist 2 was the first movie I ever walked out on. Now I remember vividly, this POS was the first. I Thought Battle Beyond the Stars was a Masterpiece compared to this waste of film.


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All love to Starcrash! Hell yes. Also worth checking out is Turkish Star Wars. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stare at your TV for an hour and a half with your jaw hanging open in bewilderment.
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