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Hey everyone,
I own a full set of the Al Simmons burnt face appliances from the SPAWN movie, but not screen used. Extras that were painted and ready to go, but unused.


I've worn it twice...and had Michael Jai White sign it, and it's all documented.

I've been getting some offers to buy it and I need help determining the value of this piece.
It's condition is fantastic, still very soft and the colors are just as they were the day I got it...which I think was 8 years ago.
It's been in room temperature storage, dark room and bagged all this time with the exception of the 2 times I wore it.

Here's a few pics...FYI the body suit is my custom work, and is not for sale.







Does anyone have a clue what this is worth? I'm perfectly happy keeping it, but at the same time I doubt I'll ever display it or actually do something with it that will allow me to enjoy seeing it properly set up. It really is a gorgeous sculpt, and an awesome piece of movie history...question is 'what's it really worth?'

I also have a Clooney Batman Panther chest piece that I'll post up shortly. Again, just looking for some help.
Thanks folks.


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Sorry for the uber necro bump...but, I still have this appliance and have no clue what it's worth.

Any ideas?



Alan Castillo

Master Member
David, if you are considering to sell it, why don't you contact, eg The Propstore for guidance (?).

It is quite difficult to put a price on something like this. I suppose its 'what people are willing to pay for it'; depends on the fan-base etc.

You would probably get the highest price through someone like the Propstore I think.
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