Spartan War hero armor set from Assassin's Creed Odyssey


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I used two displacement "filters" or modifiers as we call them in Blender and later applied car body filler in a way that supports this bumpy, imperfect texture. Same thing with powder.

Polishing bronze vambraces today :)


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Fixing hinges - the big one is v1 for which I was hoping to use hole spots from the original game model which was dedicated for laces. Sadly those would not work due to alignment issues so I made this hinge/locking pin solution similar to what I have on the sides


V2 - now I can round the corners, give it a bit more beat up look with hammer/metal tools and then maybe treat it with acid to make it look more like the armor.

Side locks WIP - also a bit custom solution in comparison to the game model, but the original one would not even physically work so this is as close as I can get. Thought about making it two sided in each section but it's a lot of extra work that would not provide any additional security.
I might do it anyway later since it would look nice, for now it's enough. Those holes a bit more spread apart are for leather laces.

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