"Spandex Lycra Ultimate Spiderman Zentai Costume" from Zentaizone?

Henry Jones

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Last night I was looking around at cheaper Spider-Man suits for an upcoming convention and I came across this suit from Zentaizone. It appears to be a new addition, and may work with a few mods but there are no reviews as of yet. Has anyone perhaps ordered this suit from them?
This suit is definately popular here, however i'm sure you can find better options.
Depending on how much you want to spend, I recommend that you purchase a pattern from Orhadar or Taylormcmanus or get a free one from Kenlandrum for example and give the pattern to zentai zone. They should still print the file for you and sew it up like the suit.
Now I don't know if they still do this, but they should.
This will give you a pretty good start in regards to puffpainting and others as well as looking better than that.

As for lenses that come with the suit, you really need a faceshell, you will look pretty weird without a faceshell. Thankfully you can make your own one pretty cheap, you just need to use some cardstock or cardboard, hot glue, and something to bind it, like bondo.

Lenses can be made from mesh and cardboard/foam and glued if you are saving money, or you can even install magnets on both faceshell and lenses.

Either way, that is my recommendation, the suit is not that bad either, I've seen some people make great mods here, but don't go out without modding it, it looks low quality.

Hope that helps
I use a modified version of this suit. I like it! Of course if you want something more fitting, print a pattern, but if you want a suit for not a lot of money, go for it.

For reference. (Can't attach photos via mobile)

Agent Simmons Cosplay
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