spandex cut outs - finishing?


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I have experience with spandex, applique and patterning but for the life of me I can't think of the best way to cleanly make a cut out ( like a circle with a white edge) that will still stretch properly and lay flat. Here is my thinking and please please tell me if you have a better way/ your preffered method:

1) I'd imagine the easy way is to make two layers of spandex in the shape of the cut out with seam allowance, sew them together and applique either on top of where the cut out will be or below and then remove the main layer of fabric = cut out with edge. (Easiest and so far best option i can think of) Possible issues - raw edges, possibly uneven,

2) make a "stretch piping" (I can't remember the name right now) much like a T-shirt collar, stretch it out so the lower half of the piping can be sewn in the circular shape and the upper half is a perfect flat circle when it is all finished. Possible issues- it won't remain flat, it bunches up and pulls at the other parts of the suit disturbing the fit and making wrinkles

3) making a strip of the contrasting spandex and sewing it to the applique like you would a bias tape. Possible Issues - possible wrinkling, uneven finish, raw edges

TL/DR. have you done spandex cut outs with boarders and how did you do it?
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