SpaceCowboy Stormtrooper helmet WIP, and First Post

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Hello friends. I made a Pep Halo Master Chief cos. for my son a few years back and have been interested in cos. building, not necessarily wearing ever since. I previously worked on fiberglass speaker boxes so I can bring those skills over to cos construction. Anyway, I followed Terra's build based on SpaceCowboy's pep work and I decided to tackle that project for myself.

Started the pep construction:
View attachment 513973
Finished pep work. Oh, some of the super glue had not fully cured and a good wad of my hair got stuck to the inside of the helm after taking this pic. I almost had to cut away some of the helm to get my head out, lol.

After the bucket was finished I slushed in "Rondo" a 1:1 Bondo to Fiberglass resin mixture with proper amounts of catalyst in each portion. I used a small electric scale to measure the parts. It firmed up the paper nicely and gave me a thick under layer allowing me to sand off the paper facets or high spots.

Unfortunately for me I left it outside in the heat to finish off-gassing fumes and it leaned over and came to rest on the resin can, giving the helm a warped shape. The right side cheek was pushed in and there was a pronounced bulge in the rear of the bucket. I heated it with a hot air gun and was able to get the majority of the warpage out, but it cracked and the cheek never got back to original shape. I will build it back up and sand to match the desired shape.

I searched around town for some milliput to fill in low spots and could not find it locally, so I purchased some air drying sculpting clay and I am very pleased with it. I have a good hour or more of high workability and it sands easily, AND it is stiff yet semi flexible so it doesn't seem prone to cracking. I recommend it. It does take almost a day to dry fully, but that isn't tool bad of a compromise.

Here it is after two layers of bondo and I am starting to layer up some of the clay. I have mostly built up the right cheek to fix the warping and I will keep working at the rear of the helm, but I'm off to a pretty good start.

The clay is the lighter tan color which can be seen around the brow and on the lower left "jaw" behind the mic tip location. I cut out the mouth to build it up with clay since that seemed to work so well for Terra.
You will notice I am building up the lip around the rear of the bucket. I will straighten out the lip in the next layer, this first layer was just for some "meat" or thickness. You can also see the cracks from straightening :( I may have to cut that part out and build it up from scratch. Any hints on how to remove the warp other than cutting it out?

Not sure if I will wear this actual bucket or if I will mold and cast it.....we'll see.

Stay tuned and I'm open to comments and suggestions.

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Alrighty. I repaired the cracks on the rear of the helmet from where I had tried to straighten it out. I cut a straight line using a dremel, bent it into a better shape, duct taped the outside and added more Rondo to the inside. Worked like a charm.

I sanded the eye openings, contoured the cheeks, improved the "tears" and added the first layer of the right ear.

You will see three colors on the helmet. The pink is the Rondo which was poured/slushed into the helmet. The white-ish color is the air dried clay, and the green is a primer I used as a guide coat for sanding purposes. I was going "snow blind" looking at the bondo/clay helmet and it was hard to see the low spots. The solid guide coat color showed me where to fill.

Next I will add the left ear and start cutting out the four rim indents.

Getting better.


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