Spacebob inspired Gonk build.


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Inspired by spacebob's excellent build (, and using his plans, thanks man. I have gone with the same dimensions he used, rather than his revised ones, because I liked how the original looked.

Expect this to progress at near glacial pace.

But I have made a start.

So, photos so far.

My skill set and tools are somewhat limited, so I marked a line on mine and clamped a straight edge to the wood to run my jigsaw along, in the hopes of getting a straight cut. It worked OK with a little sanding needed here and there.



main panels cut


I got hold of a couple of lenses from some scrap projectors that I though might work well, we'll see.


Next step is to source a baking tray, mark and cut the apeture for that, and then I can start putting it all together!

Probably be about July! lol.
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Awesome! Can't wait to see this beast at its final stage! I need to start mine asap just to keep up with ya!

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Oh yes, what everybody doesn't realise is one the army is built, they will all only answer to me..... Overlord Spacebob.
(Did I type that out loud?)

Have you you made any props before @pandabarnes ?
Haha. That explains why my first spaceBob droid was acting funny. You crafty bastard you;)
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@alexmiller1 Do it! It'd be great to see another Gonk build happening.

@spacebob Lol. I'm imagining fields full of Gonks now, advancing on Portchester like some classic slow moving Dr. Who adversary!

I've only made a couple of small things - I'm always trying to make props, but finding I either hit a technical/materials snag I can't work out, or halfway through I decide it's rubbish and start again. I think I set the bar for slowest moving E-11 project ever - I've made every part twice so far!

I think that's why the Gonk appealed to me - it looks acheivable!

I've been looking through @cornbread's build and I like the way he tackled the recessed 'face' panel in wood ( although I'm not sure how I'd get a nice accurate radius on all the corners If they're backed with Timber.

But the baking tray is a nice, scavanged touch, and the angled corners look cool.

Damn, I'm torn now. lol.

Gonna look at baking trays today and see how I feel.


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I tried the baking tray but could not find any the size I want. If you are wondering about making a radius in wood (timber), look at sanding drums. They fit into a drill and come in different sizes

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Thanks cornbread - I love how soild yours looks, but I managed to find the prefect sized tray over the weekend so I'm gonna go that route on this one now.

Sanding drums look perfect for sorting out the face hole though, thanks.

Having said progress would be slow, I managed to get some more done - the foot panels are all cut and just need sanding.


Test fit doesn't look too bad - a little sanding and it should fit OK - still have to cut the 'toe' cut out though, but I wanted to get the big shapes right first.


I got a bit confused with the sizing for these because I forgot to take into account the thickness of the ply, and which pieces sat inside/outside.

I sketched up some rough notes, tried to tidy them up a bit in case anyone finds it helpful later on.


Now to figure out the toe bits.
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Bit more progress on the feet.

I found the feet hard to get right but they're pretty much square now, with a little sanding needed at the back to get everything flush.

Everything bar the front angle and top is glued up, I want to add some panel pins or small screws too to add some strength.

The angled face was a pain and is looking a bit sketchy at the moment but once they're all assembled I should be able to fill and sort that out.

For the toe cut-out, I'm going to use wooden blocks glued and screwed in place behind the outer panels to take the cut, which I'm hoping to use a friends bandsaw to do.

The blocks still need the angles cutting.

I've seen this in a couple of other builds and it'll save me trying to mess about facing things up and making tiny wee panels to fill gaps.

Then the plan is to use the same friend's routing table to route a line around the entre foot for the cut out, then fill them with something heavy, and glue the tops on.

gonkfeet2-33.jpg gonkfeet1-33.jpg


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So I cut the face hole, still needs some tidying up, but despite my best efforts to check the tray size beforehand, the hole isn't quite big enough.

Not sure I'll be able to get a nice seamless transition from the face panel into the baking tray now.

I have three choices here I think because enlarging the hole might work, but I think the radius on the corners may also be a little off;

1. Make the panel again to match the tray I have - which isn't a massive problem at this stage

2. Adopt the cornbread approach and make the face panel/tray out of wood.

3. Scour the earth for the perfect baking tray.

As I mentioned earlier in the build, I like the solidity of cornbread's approach, but I also liked the sloped edges of the tray, and the fact it was a baking tray!

Decisions decisions...

Anyway, I also assembled the feet - which probably look exactly like the last photo, except now they're all glued together, and filled with sand so they weigh a tonne.

I'm holding off on routing them and cutting the toe holes because I'm terrified I'll mess them up! lol.

I'll get to it, but it needs a face first!


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Thanks guys, no progress recently - I'm still wrestling with how best to tackle to 'face' hole/baking tray issue but it's on my list of things to do this weekend so we'll see!

I'm also getting tempted to make one out of cardboard for a friend at work...but I really should finish this first.