Spaceballs Dark Helmet


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Hello! I'm currently making a Dark Helmet costume for someone, and thought I would share the progress here.

The helmet is still at the patterning stage, so I'm going to focus on the outfit for now. After a discussion with the future owner, we decided to go for cheaper-looking pleather rather than genuine leather. I raided the local fabric shop and got this:


I started with the top, this was a photo of the lining alone (I do not know why I took this one instead of photographing the outer layer of the garment...


I made the tie at some point, and tried to get the wrinkled look it has in the film.


I had enough elements to create patterns for the "balls" and shoulder pieces. This is when the fact that the tie wasn't wide enough started to get obvious...


The studs were another issue, and I considered making them all from scratch. Luckily, I ended up getting 15mm wide pyramid studs from a German seller on Ebay.


These were definitely too silver. I had hoped dark silver would be okay, since I could not find black ones in Europe. So I took them off and tried a few solutions, such as nail polish and car lacquer.


I put the studs back in. It wasn't optimal, but it was already less disturbing.


The top closes at the front but can be made wider or tighter thanks to lacing in the back (I didn't have black string at this point though).



I had considered making the shoulderpads out of something rigid, but ended up keeping them flappy instead.


I also made a wider tie....


For the more rigid/volumetric parts, I opted for foam covered in shiny black vinyl. Here are the balls, one sanded and one raw.


And here is what has been done so far:



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This makes me so happy.
People have been pretty enthusiastic about that on social media, very cool!
wonderful work! cant wait to see this progress. dark helmet is one of my bucket list cosplays!
Thank you! Now I'm a bit sad I won't be the one to wear it.
That's pretty amazing! Fantastic work man.
Thank you!

I got started on the shorts. They seem pretty ill-fitting, so I purposely made the waist too wide, and integrated an elastic band inside. It now has plenty of creases. Sorry the photo, I had to take a screenshot from a making-of video...



The little rope things on the crotch were annoying. At first I wanted to try sewing long tubes of fabric and fill them with wadding, but they turned out to narrow for this technique to be effective. So I cut strips of wadding instead and glued the pleather around them, before securing all that with hand stitching. I haven't attached them yet (or even made the belt).



Speaking of belts, I did make progress on the "buckle" (sorry, English isn't my forte). I have access to a resin printer, so I modelled the central "coin". I did not include Mel Brooks' head because I wanted to try sculpting it in real life.

The head is still a work in progress, but it's taking shape! The rest of the buckle is foam covered with vinyl, same stuff I used for the rigid parts on the top.


And here is the thing so far:



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I added proper attachments to everything (such as magnets for the tie), and also painted the belt buckle.


I also started on some boot covers.


I tried to wrinkle the little strap things with an iron.


For the gloves, I decided to follow what (seems) had been made in the film: regular glove base+added cuffs, because you can see a difference in fabric between the two. I couldn't buy anything I liked, but fortunately found secondhand leather gloves in my area. I added the missing details.


I then made the cuffs and added studs.

I don't think I have photos of the undershirt, but here are the "rings" around the elbows, as well as the studs (which are all over the place in this particular area, in the film).


Then came the moment we all had been waiting for: the helmet. I ended making a very rough 3D model for the base, and unfolding it (Pepakura) to get flat pieces, cut them out of 10mm foam.


I was very afraid of seams, but I just did not have the tools to vacuum form it (mine isn't large enough), or the funds to cast it. So I fed the entire thing to a belt sander, and it worked better than expected.

The front was easier, since I managed to do it in one piece (foam again)


The mouth grid and lenses were modelled and printed in PLA.



The lenses are cut acrylic with car window film applied on top. For the articulation, I just used one of these protection visors.

I have a series of making-of videos on my Instagram arborealkey but did not manage to embed them for some reason.

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