Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money

This all depends if they can get Moranis to come back to acting, he didn't have any interest in returning for Ghostbusters so I'm not sure how he would feel about this.
They'll have to find somebody else other than Rick to play him everything I've read and the interviews I've seen seem to suggest that he has ZERO interest in acting now.
I remember reading years ago how much he hated the costume, hated working with Brooks, pretty much his least favorite acting job.
Because the Spaceballs Animated Series panned out so well. I think that gauged the audience's interest in this "franchise" fairly well.
Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!
That's the funny thing about Spaceballs. Brooks got George Lucas' permission to parody Star Wars prior to filming under one condition - that no merchandise be produced from the movie. This is why Brooks thought it was funny to include all of the scenes of Yogurt trying to sell Spaceballs merchandise; none of it existed off of the set (not legitimately, anyway).
Lucas knew that the merch would sell really well lol. They could always do a Spaceballs prequel lol. I just wish the animated series had been better, they had some of the original cast but it just wasn't that good. Every since big budget comedies with giant sets went out of style Mel's movies just aren't the same.
Since Candy is gone, they could have a new character to be the co-pilot, named "Hork", that is half woman, half cat, and constantly hacks up hairballs.
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