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    Hey Guys!

    My friend NomesCosplay and I were selected last year to represent the UK at the ECG- European Cosplay gathering .
    We went for Space Pirate captain Harlock. I was Harlock and she dressed as Kei Yuki. We selected the 2013 CG film, as we thought the costumes and props really rich and interesting. (Not without their challenge!)

    I though it'd be cool to share the build with you guys...(As whenever I try talking bout it somewhere else, people are making weird faces's the craftmanship nerd decease all that!)
    Of course there's quite a lot of stages, so might do it in stages. hope you'll enjoy.
    I will be mostly covering the Props, Armour and prosthetics, as the fabric Part was all Naomi's.

    Here's a little preview of the finish product :



    The arms were made flat out of 3 mil translucent acrylic. I designed each part separately on photoshop by mesuring them on the action figure I had and resizing them so they'd fit me ok.
    I had them Laser cut and glued them into place to have the final pattern.


    Box mould and cast in Urethane resin, bended into shape while they were still curing.



    The Armour I made using leather, stretching it into shape and added tooling and several layers to create depth. (Although I started by sculpting it on a random mannequin and fiberglassing it, but it was more faff than anything. Ill upload the leather one when I can find it xD )



    * YOU ACCURACY! We just had to make the trims...after looking for months to get them as close as possible with store found items, we decided against the idea.
    Same process as the arms, just a LOT MORE FAFF, as each pieces were glued separately to create a good length for the mould.


    The cogs were 3D printed on different sizes so they would fit the armour and both our ankles.
    the belt buckles I cut out of MDF in order to save money which ended up being a real pain in the * to clean after. it served the purpose as we were running out of time at that point, but jeez! a little more money would have allowed acrylic and a much better cast! you live and learn I guess >_<


    Belts are made out of veg tan 3 mil, tooled, glued and riveted into place. I used the antique dye, as I love the shades so much, and it gives you a real multidimensional feel.






    And that's it For Part 1! : D
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    Very well executed, I have only just saw this film this week, brilliant animation .
    Well done on the costumes , keep the updates coming
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    Thank you very much , glad you're enjoying it :) , I'll try and organise part 2 as soon as possible !
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    Very very cool.
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    Your costumes are fantastic! I can't what for you to post more. I'm interested in how you assembled the cape.

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