Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars FINISHED!

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Joe Brown over on StudioScaleModelers kicked off the idea of recreating Space Cowboys ship from Battle Beyond the Stars.
Thinking this was a great idea, I've dived in too. So far the only usable photos have come from the BluRay disc.


Kits that are confirmed used are:
Tamiya 1/35 British Quadgun Tractor
1/35 Flakpanzer Gepard
1/35 88mm Flak 36/37
1/35 Matilda
Lindberg/Glencoe Lunar Lander
Lindberg Star Base
Hasegawa 1/72 Leopold
1/144 Airfix SRN4
Airfix/Monogram Saturn V (Maybe both)
Hasegawa Thor

Possibly used:
Convair Manned Obsercation Satellite (not used but similar parts)

Anyone have ANY info on this ship/miniature they can share. Or spot any thing that was used?
I'm mostly after figuring out the legs and the thrusters at the base of the legs. Also the window frames, look like a HO model railway house to me.


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Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

I'm having a childhood flashback that i can't really place with those billow looking things on the bottom of the legs. Some toy like a Mr Machine or something like that, or maybe an ear wax removal kit, why those 2 things are stored in my brain in the same place i don't really know. I know it's a longshot but just trying to spark some memories because i have seen those before....
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Great idea for a build. I have a particular fondness for this movie, having seen it with my father on it's initial release.

Spotted what look like Apollo F1 engine parts on the rear side and top of the cabin if that helps any.

I recall (I think, I'm getting old) that the model crew were based in Mexico and made a lot of models in a very short time, just cobbling things together and chucking spray paint on.
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Looks like the main part of the body is from the space shuttle main fuel tank
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Has anyone made the main booby/scrotum shaped craft from the movie?

Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Thanks Mike, I agree that it looks like a found piece more than a kit part.
Skiffy, As far as I know it was all filmed in LA, there a great documentary on the DVD/BluRay, and the model 'may' still exist.
Aurora, I thought that too, but I think it's from the Monogram Saturn V, I have one on the way to confirm.
Ally, that lower image is a resin kit that's out there.
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

I think whatever that billow looking thing is, it appears to be wrapped around the other ship in the 2nd pic of Alley's post above, only expanded, and it looks even more familiar, just hoping i can place it.

Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Ohh a hose of some sort... hmm, looks like the sort on an old hairdryer (with the cap)
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Like a syphon pump, Aquarium or Petrol syphon would be in the size ballpark?

Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

I'm not an expert on the film, but my wife says that I seem to be obsessed with it...

Basic data on Battle Beyond The Stars:
The models were constructed in 1979, and the film had a 1980 Spring/Summer release in the States. So model kits (and other objects) from 1979 and further back are needed.

I actually know what you are describing, but the sizes are off.

The Apollo Saturn V F-1 engine parts certainly look to be correct! If you get the chance to review some old Starlog magazines, interviews with the model makers establish that they were all in LA. Additionally, the Shout!Factory dvd/Blu-ray version of the film shows many, many pre-production sketches of the various models - Cayman's ship, 2 versions of Nell (1 of those became her escape pod, 1 was radically changed to become the booby-ship), and St. Exmin's ship.

I searched among several Shuttle External Tanks and couldn't get a match. The main cargo section looks to be Monogram Saturn V First Stage.

That's the approach that I am taking - stacked disks. When I have all 4 built, a reference will then suddenly appear that is blindingly obvious. That will only happen after I can post pics of the built engines.


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Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

The "catamaran" greeblies, which are attached to the legs seem to be from the Veron TomTit model.
At first I thought the feets (these stacked washers) were from the TomTit as well, but the number and thickness of ribs don´t match


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Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

I was wondering if it's something like these Carpet protectors stacked up:

Anyone have some of these to hand?
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Anyone spot where these two pieces might have come from?
Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10.25.16 AM.png
The 'tank' looking piece(s) is used about 7-8 times on the Space Cowboy ship.
Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Here's where I am with kit IDing, I've only marked things I'm 99% sure on.


- - - Updated - - -

There's also 2 decals I'm trying to spot, I think they are from a German tank. There's a "13" and "52" or "02"


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Re: Space Cowboys ship, Battle Beyond the Stars

Hey Markus, Are the "catamaran" greeblies really correct? they don't look to be full round 'hot dogs' Do you have one of the kits? I'm looking for pics from one now.
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