Space Battleship Yamato pistol work in progress.


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Work in progress 3D rendering.

CosmoGun-WIP4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pretty much stalled currently. Getting this 3D printed or CNC milled for an RTV mold master is above my budget currently so it's beyond back-burner right now, not even on the stove. :p

My goal with this design is to have an amalgamation of the many slightly different pistol designs seen in the first season of Space Battleship Yamato while also "realing it up" to have it look like a functional weapon.

Toward that end, some adjustments had to be made to the design, mostly the barrel being a bit too low to align with the thing poking out the back. Also the limited reference material I could find (outside screenshots) varied more widely than the designs in the TV show. The few fan made or garage kit examples I found are way off from anything in the show but they share one thing in common with the drawing seen in some of my 3D renderings, the barrel angles upwards slightly - so I fixed that too.

I've done some preliminary fiddling about on making the magazine release and the safety functional and have the doohickey sticking out the back able to slide, held in or out by the safety.

Another realistic feature I'd like to make is having the rear sight adjustable for windage and possibly elevation. Why? Just be-frigging-cause it would be cool.

I did do a rush job on a real-world version in 2010, pics in the Flickr set. I used a pen plotter to make cutting patterns for layers of hardboard, glued those together and with some other materials and a few hours work had a prop somewhat better than the NES zapper I had in 2009. IMHO it's on par with some 1980's TV props I've seen. ;)

Amazing how that stuff looked so great on TV but up close and personal it's mostly a letdown on how crude it is.
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