Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Cosmo Gun Pistol


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Hi! I was wondering if anybody had any info about the new Space Battleship Yamato Blaster Pistol, Astro Automatic, Cosmo Gun, haha whatever its called.

It looks liked its based off a real pistol. Ill try to put up some screen caps from the movie tonight or tomorrow. It also seems like it has some design elements of the TV show one, but its subtle.
Wasn't there a thread about these pops from last year? Do a search.

I think there was, but it was just the jackets and helmets and stuff that was shown at some premier night thing. I don't think theres a thread about the pistol
Just saw this movie last night, bit long and vague but really liked it, would be very cool to some some props or whatever from it.
Oooooh Beautiful! You beat me to it hahah!

Does anyone think its based on a real pistol? I thought about scratch building one.
Hmm I have an airsoft glock that might work, its old but it has some good weight to it and some metal parts...

This seems like a good base?

Ok, so I did some more screen caping. I brightened them all a bit and I brightened yours CessnaDriver

There aren't any spoilers, I cut the rest of the movie out. Haha Im not a very good screen cap taker, I need to figure out how to go by frames hahaah







It is doubtful that it is a real firearm. I read on IMFDB that due to the restrictive gun laws in Japan that very few movies/tv shows use real firearms, and haven't for decades. They make very good fake weapons.

These might help - I am already at work on sketches and measurements. I don't have access to screen caps accept those posted here. The rifles just look like standard HK g36 rifles with modified carry handles. :love

The MOVIE effects are AWESOME - it is EYE CANDY !!! The story is ALL YAMATO and consistant with the Anime.

If there are enough screen caps - I will post photoshop sketches, measurements, 3D views.

PLEASE keep posting all the references you can find !! :love

Oh awesome! I need a pic of the grip and thats perfect!

Im just modding an airsoft pistol, but if someone does a casting, Ill be first on the list!
I will be building the pistol when there is enough reference material to get the measurements and details right. If no one else has already done it - then I will drop it in RTV for casting. I grew up with Starblazers and dreamed of a live action movie. I have a kit of the Astro Cosmo Gun from the Anime - but the frame is small. I want a large frame version based on the size of the Japaneese NAMBU pistol it was based on. This pistol seemed easy enough. I think it is a total scratch build - some pics of the props look wooden. :love I am finishing another project at the moment.

KEEP the reference material coming !! :love If you want it built right - we need to know everything !!!

The MOVIE ROCKS !!! OMG !!! :eek:love

Totally forgot about this movie. Pistol looks SWEET. I'll have to see this asap.
I've watched it like 5 times and still have no ideal what they are saying.. I like it... Can't wait for English Subtitles or dubing..

It is a cool weapon.. Adjustable settings.. Got to love it
Cant wait for this movie to have subtitles in english as well, I would rather read than have dubing.I do have a Cosmo Dragoon pistol from 999 Galaxy Express/Harlock and think it would display nice next to a Battleship Yamato pistol.Glad to hear it is close to the anime story.
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