Space Battleship Yamato 3D print


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Here we go, after collecting many plastic Yamato kits 1/500 and 1/350 I found that they where not big enough to give this ship the status it deserved.

So I decided to print this out and see how big I can make it, and before anyone asks what scale it is I will give you the scale now it is Printer Scale. this is when yo get the longest single part in the build and you scale it up to fit in the print volume you have.

Only the Bow of the ship was printed in one piece the other parts of the hulls had to be sliced in half to fit inside the printer.

Rear Hull
Rear Hull.jpg

Bow half printed.jpg Bow fininshed printing.jpg

Hulls being lined up, still missing the 3rd section.
Hull pieces 2.jpg Hull pieces 1.jpg


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Did a little work on the main guns, I have joined the top and bottom together in Mesh Mixer so I can print them in one piece.
Main Guns.jpg
The one on the far left did have a problem not enough supports.

Side guns on the printer the barrels are very fine and need a lot of care removing then form the build plate as the tips of the barrels are very soft and are easily damaged.
One this about 3D printing you are learning everyday.

Side guns.jpg

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