Space: Above and Beyond M-70 pistol scope mount question


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I know this is a long shot, but does anyone remember the make of the glock scope mount that was used on the Space: Above and Beyond M70 pistol prop?
I am attempting to make a reproduction of the prop using real found parts like they used on the show. I have managed to find the correct airsoft Glock 17L, , M-16 flash suppressor, Mark V red dot scope, and BA-2 Laser Devices laser sight.

But I can't remember who was the manufacturer of the Glock scope mount they used on the prop. The above photo shows a correct scope mount, but I can't make out the name clearly (I found the pic here on the board in an old SAAB thread, but it does not list the maker of the scope mount). I thought it was a Aimtech, but it is not the correct version. Very close by not the exact model.

Any SAAB fans here that might be able to steer me in the right direction?




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That picture is one I got from another thread here on the board. It is not a picture of the items I have collected. But you are right. The gun in the pic does look like a regular 17.

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