SPACE 1999: Moon Buggy 1/6 scale.


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Since this has progressed more than just a 3D design I decided to create a separate thread. The Amphicat had a few models, but the earlier bodies generally remained the same. Trailer clearance/marker penny lights were just about the perfect size for the headlights. The next couple of days I will print out the tires and the control sticks. The flag decals on the original filming vehicle were not the same as on the space suit, so I will change that. Later on in the series they also took off the mirrors, possibly to accommodate going into a garage/airlock.

1999 Moon Buggy4.JPG





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I used screen caps from the series and anything I could find online. Let me know and I could send you some. Or post them here.

I have some screen caps too, mostly from Catacombs, but I didn't see much for an extensive dashboard. Just a simple one. I'd like to design one that takes up most of the dashboard.



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I found Armorcoat Rust - Holland Yellow worked well, regarding the color. The only issue I had with the paint was how runny it was when I sprayed it. But after it cured, it was swell.

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