Space 1999 handheld medical scanner


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A very quick and very cheap scratchbuild. A replica of the little handheld scanners used by Moonbase Alpha medics. Made from a pocket magnifier that you can still pick up cheaply today.



Thank you. Sorry, I don't do commissions, I only make stuff for my own amusement. These magnifiers are available on ebay cheaply, after that, sticky labels, letraset and a computer to print the front panel are all you need. It took me about an hour or so to build.
I don't know the brand, I just did an eBay (uk), search under 'sliding magnifier'. They are still available new at a modest price.
Sorry, make that 'slide magnifier '.
No worries, I just had a look, there are some there but I thought these were spring loade to pop-up which would have been useful for something else I am working on but these are just manual slide.
Either way, thanks for the reply.

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