Space 1999 Eagle

Federation Models I believe has these back in stock. I want to get one myself but I am still a bit broke right now (and an impulse purchase of a Timeslip Ranger 3 last month didn't help matters).

The RU kit is a very nice offering. While maybe it is a little off from a 22" Studio Model, it can always be modified and IMHO, ultimately is better in several areas to make it a model that is superior to the 22" model based kits that I have seen.
Thanks for those links Will, I haven't seen these. And a Hawk too, they look great.

Happy to help. Although mine is in a box in the closet it looks like a great cast. My understanding is that the earlier kits had some flaws that were corrected on later runs (and the price dropped a hundred bucks as well).
you could always bash some bits on a diorama and call it "Alan Carter Lands Again!" ;) good thing they didn't come out of his paycheck. :)

Thanks for the link, Feek. I think I know what Big D may be getting for Christmas this year!
Federation Models has the newer editions of this kit. The ones I saw at Wonderfest were terrific castings. It's a great model, if you can get it.
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