Space 1999 Alpha support vehicle


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A very quick build. This is a replica of the little truck seen (if you look really hard) in the Eagle hangar on moonbase Alpha. It is made from a Matchbox toys 'Stretcha Fetcha' ambulance. I cut the back off and stuck on a couple of scratchbuilt tanks (I think the originals were kit parts but I didn't have them). I suppose technically it is studio scale but I won't quibble.

I think it's Studio Scale ;) (y)Funny to see what the production was using as background vehicles...Ah the memories!
Yep, some are really easy to find, like the Matchbox toys and some nearly impossible like the toy Vickers Vigor tractor used in so many Thunderbird 2 pod vehicles.
Very cool!

Never noticed one of those in the back, but I do recognize that Matchbox source. Had one of those as a kid

I guess being typical Matchbox size puts it roughly around 1/72 scale give or take?
Thanks. Yep, it certainly looks in scale with the 22 inch Eagle next to it.

Those Eagle's look great as well. Are they the newer MPC ones?

Also, where did you get the 1/72 Moon Buggy?

Also, love to see more of the tank. Is that 1/72 scale as well, or is it a forced perspective shot of the rear?
Thanks, the nearer Eagle is a 22inch one that I scratchbuilt years ago. The further one is the Product Enterprise laboratory Eagle, the tank came in the same set. The moon buggy is a diecast toy amphicat that I converted.
Just had a look, amazing to see, but we'll out of my budget. You could probably keep the central heating on for 3 days for that amount!

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