Southernmost Iron Man mk 6 helmet (Pics!)


Sup Guys. Long time lurker and I have been inspired by recent Iron Man Builds to start my own. I am from south Florida and I study at UCF. I am going to pep and Bondo Method. I will be making molds later, once I am happy with the build. I have been keeping a WIP on facebook, but I want some constructive criticism from you guys!

But enough of the intros! Lets get to those pics! They were taken on my windows phone so sorry for the quality :/

Pep stage-


My roommate is planning on doing a warmachine build so thats his helmet in the background in some of the shots.



First phase of Bondo- tried the gold kind, couldn't really tell the difference between that and the typical pink stuff.



Primered it to see what needs fixing. I noticed the forehead needs to be sunken in more and the right side of the face (left side of picture) is off from the chin. The curves in the cheek should match the edges on the chin.



More bondo!!!!-



Here is the current stage of where the helmet is. I am on vacation out of state and havnt had time to put in more work. The back of the helmet is going to be rounded out, I just like working in segments. the right eye is slightly bigger than the left one, and i tried to get the curves of the cheeks to match the edges on the chin as close as possible.





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Glad to see another student from UCF on here! Are you perchance gonna be going to Megacon in February? I'm thinking of starting a foam costume for that, but if nothing else I've got a spidey costume to wear to it. I'm in the Towers so unfortunately I can't break out the bondo and fiberglass in a convenient way.

That helmet is looking great so far!


Thanks guys. I do plan on doing it for megacon and if I don't finish then definitely metrocon.

I am traveling back to Florida today and hopefully get some more work done very soon.


Alright guys Im back in Orlando, time to get back to work!! Here are some some more pics if the helmet. Did some work on the back and top of the helmet. Don't mind the doodles I got bored lol.





I am going to try and get some more work done today.

Stay tuned for more!!

Lord Magneto

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May i ask how you are doing your bondo/sanding work?

I'm working on my first pep project and I feel like I've been doing the bondo/sanding stage forever... applying, sanding, reapplying, sanding etc.

Yours is looking pretty damn smooth. Wasnt sure if you had any tips or anything.


I start with 60 grit, then move up to 100, and then finally to 220. I just use my hands for sanding.

More pics probably later today.
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