South TX Comic Con - Man of Steel and Spider-Man


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I'm from deep South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley. It's about 4 hours south of San Antonio. We have a few cons here each year. May 9-10 (2015) was our second Comic Con. I'm posting a few photos. I know a few other members are from this area, so I want them to feel free to add their own pics to this thread.

For day1, I did MOS. I've had several MOS suits, but I haven't been completely happy with any until now. I purchased the file from Mark at 4Neo and made a few changes using gimp. Then I had the suit printed and sewn by the rpc studio. I highly recommend both of these companies. They were incredibly helpful and professional. The cape is by me, and the boots are by Keith Howard.

And because this Bat guy wanted to start something -

Day 2 - I'm Spidey in a suit by Spidey4fun and my buddy Allan is Wolverine. Web prop by Spencer Doe. My web bag (though you can't see it) is by Mados.

With Spencer Doe:

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