South East UK members...your thoughts.


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I was wondering if any of you thought there would be sufficient interest in both the fanboy and general population to justify organising an all day Back2Back Marvel Movie Screening in the lead up to The Avengers?

I recall when I was younger my local cinema doing something similar with the Star Trek movies (1-6).

What are you thoughts? Would you be interested?
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Re: South West UK members...your thoughts.

I'm south-east, but it sounds worth travelling for :)

It's funny you should mention that, because I'm South-East to. I know WHY I put South-West, I shouldn't have, it's South East. In fact, I've found a venue to host it in Epsom.

If your interested, i've created a Facebook Event to show the venue that this is feasible. It's a public event so feel free to add yourself to the RSVP list. Search for 'Marvel Movie Marathon' and you should find it.
Post the link here. I'll think about it for sure

Ok, here's the link to the event (hopefully)

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Now, the event page has been set up to show the venue that there is the interest to justify putting this on. If I can get enough people to RSVP as attending, then the venue will confirm. With that in place I'll plan on contacting Marvel UK for their support (use of images etc) to advertise it to the masses. There is a local charity involved, so that should help.
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