Sourcing small screw-on tips for smoke build


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I bought a smoke generator, similar to an ecigarette with a battery unit, for a prop. However, there are two issues that make it less than ideal:

1. The tip needs to come out at an angle outward rather than straight from the tip
2. The cartridges, which need replaced every minute or so of use, are the tip where the smoke comes out

So I would simply attach a small L shaped joint to the end of the unit, but that is what gets replaced often. So I need to find a bunch of threaded pieces that I can glue to the cartridges that the L shaped end can screw onto each time I replace cartridges. I drew a diagram, as I know this is difficult to explain.

I also need something now; I had been trying to make this build for more than a month but found little in the way of information and instead bought this unit, which arrived a few days ago. I need to be able to go to a hardware store, medical supply, pet shop, etc for these. I figure between hardware, medical, and aquariums, there has to be something. Any ideas? 7Ea05xA.png


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What size is the tip? There's lots of compressor or airbrush hose fittings that could work.

Or just use aquarium tubing and press fit brass fittings?

Another that's small are ice maker hose fittings. Home depot should have those.


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It's small, the size of an ecigarette tip. It also tapers so nothing will fit on it perfectly without modification and glue. I am going to need a lot of the female treaded ends, as the L units I am finding are threaded, so brass might get costly.
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