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    Hey guys,

    A while back now, I purchased a Heiland flash from someone here for a really good price to convert into a lightsaber – I know it's not the right flash gun, but for me who is happy for a bit of modification/interpretation to come into prop replicas, I'm cool with that!

    The thing that put the project on the back burner was sourcing a couple of final parts.
    Initially I had trouble with the shroud, but I'm just going to use the shroud from a Darth Vader lightsaber toy that fits nicely. I have the grips and activator strip too.

    But what I do need are the following:

    Button panel to go with the shroud (pic from Parks Sabers):

    The activator clamp (pic also from Parks):

    And finally – and this is the one that'll be the hardest...
    A new end cap for the flash gun.

    The version I have is the octagonal end cap, but I would really like to replace it with the round one like this:

    This pic is from user James Kenobi 1138 (I don't know how to link to a name like that!)
    I plan to post a WTB thread for the end cap (or the extra parts for that matter), but what I'd really like to know in particular, is where people would recommend purchasing the first two items from. Parks is not *badly* priced for the items themselves, however shipping to Australia kills it by turning it into an $80 order.
    Alternatively, if anyone has tips on fashioning these parts, I'd love a heads up on that too.

    Given it's a project using a flash gun as a base, the project is simply so close, yet so * far without having these bits to finish it off, and I'm in one of those phases where you just have to pump project, after project!

    Thanks for any help!
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