Source for jodhpurs?

Chairman Kaga

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Does anyone have a good source for some flared jodhpurs (ie horse riding/polo/fox hunting/WW2 German officer's/chaufeur/ Cecil B Demille pants)? I am going nuts looking around for costumes or sewing patterns...whatever :cry . All I seem to be able to find are modern horse riding breeches that stretch. Think along the lines of the Rocketeer's pants...

Thanks in advance folks...


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I think a couple of people have used these guys in the past and have given them good reviews. I'm going to order my pants from them when the time comes.

They do custom work... ask for Bob. :)

Towards the bottom of the page...

SS Panzer "WAFFEN" style gray color with 2 slit front pockets, & one right rear buttoned flap pocket, with belt loops & suspender loops at waist band
- waist size 28" to 36" for $44.95 FOB Dallas, Tx..
- waist size 38" to 42" for $58.95 FOB Dallas, Tx..
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