sound/light chip for Noisy Cricket?


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i've got a Sidkit Noisy Cricket, its a really nice replica and i'd like to make it make sounds, does anyone know where i can get a tiny programmable sound chip to put inside it? i know there's a guy on here that does the electronics, but the sound isnt accurate, i've made the sound myself, just need a chip to put it on...


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just need a chip to put it on...
Well it's not really that simple, you need an entire circuit and space is pretty limited in there, especially when you have to get some kind of 'speaker' in there as well that produces any level of volume...

I'm not saying it can't be done, because it most certainly can, what I'm saying is that there is more involved than just plopping your sound on a chip...

I have done a lot of work on recreating an 'accurate' representation of the screen used sound circuit that fits inside these guns, and I'm pretty happy with the results, so I know it's possible... But like many things I simply don't have time to wrap up the design and make an offering in the immediate future...


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Well I know some people are selling a module made in china called the WT588D, but I don't know anyone who has them in stock. I found this site though while searching that part number and while I don't see that one available there, they have some other sound modules which might be suitable:

Video/Audio Module : Elechouse, Arduino Play House

I have no idea how legit the site is though, or how loud the sound those things produce will be.


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thanks for the reply. yeah when i say "chip" i do mean a tiny soundboard that i can upload a sound file onto