Sound eFX in costumes and hand props using the TF-SD MP3 module WTV020-SD-16P


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Has anyone here had any experience with the [ U-disk audio player SD card voice module MP3 Sound module WTV020-SD-16P ] ?
I've been trying to find better (more clear) information on this small module.
The ones seen on eBay ($3.00) and not Sparkfun.

It has a removable 2G TF-SD memory card (max. storage range).
Some of the information I have found is that it operates on 3.3v and can only play audio files converted to AD4 (4-bit).
The PDF indicates it can output to a speaker directly or DAC output pin 2 ( to an external amplifier).
It only has a few KEY functions (NEXT, PREVIOUS, PAUSE/PLAY, LOOP) but it's just what I need.
I have a couple and have been having issues in getting it to work.

I know there are different sound players available and easier to use, but I am on a mission to get one of these to play.



Problems RESOLVED :)

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Well after a few hours of checking, I did get this little beauty to work!
But, there was some issues. One was easy enough to remedy and the others took a little time.

First, there was no positive voltage getting to the circuit due to the 3.3v and 5v contacts not being set up at the factory.
This of course is not a big issue since it gives me the choice of what voltage I want to use. Most of my research indicated
that this chip runs better at 3.3v.
I also noticed a few other problems with these less expensive players and the video below will point them out:

P.S. In the video I mention that I converted a WAVE file to an SD4, but I should have said AD4 file.

I really like this player and it works well with most projects for costuming and in props.
It is small and will operate with the rechargeable 3.7v LIPO batteries.

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