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Hey yall, some of you may or may not know, but someone on shapeways has apparently designed a series of sonic screwdriver parts Mostly 9th/!0th sonic with a few 11th and classic parts thrown in. The list of parts is rather extensive. It looks like one can get an entire 9th/10th sonic with the parts on there. I'm planning on ordering a set of parts to make a 9th Doc Screwdriver (mostly in stainless steel save for the lens cap and inner tube). Though for all i know the artist is a member here. After a bit of math, i figured a sonic primarily in stainless steel would cost roughly $230. I decided to go with transparent detail for the following : inner tube and lense. Considering what the MFX and CT sonics go for, i dont think its a bad alternative

Anyhoo, enough of my blathering. Here ya go.
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I'd like them to be a bit closer in the details, but purchased in a cheaper plastic material they would be a nice upgrade kit for a CO toy at a good price.

Just my opinion of course.
I'm, with Organic on that one. Plus, they dont come with internals, and it'll cost you way more than the 300$ that CT is asking if you are already at 230 for body alone.
you bring up a good point Vlair. Personally i want the 9th/10th doc sonic for trooping at cons, so sound is not an issue for me in this particular case and i am more than capable of rigging a basic LED set up in this thing. Basically it would be a metal beater. That and i have a personal rule in regards to props and costuming: anything over $250 stays at home on the display shelf. So unless i get a CT for dirt cheap, its not going to see the light of day.
True, but by your own rule, do you figure you can rig up the LED, plus proper paint jobs, for less than 20$? but again, if its just a metal beater, then yeah, avanti. I just wanted to point out that you're already dangerously close to you 250 stays home rule.
the parts on the site are around $10? how would it come to $230? anyways, would love to see a build using these parts and if it works out well i may do one myself.
The default prices are using the plastic material option. I used the stainless steel option for my build which i hope to finish before Gallifrey One in February. As for the cost of electronics, i have a massive stockpile of LED's, wiring, sodder, and crackle paint that i bought for other projects over the years. So im not really sure if i should count that towards my $250 rule :lol. the only thing i would need to buy are the watch batteries which i can get for 2 bucks each.
how do you know which one to buy? there are like 5 sonic bodies:( could you provide links with all the parts that you are getting.
Stainless steel wouldn't be any good, the parts come out HEAVILY pitted. You'd have to sand them down and by the time you're done they'll be slightly smaller. You'd have to go silver glossy to get a half decent look. That's much more expensive. Shapeways isn't very good for parts fitting together either. We learned that with the VM buttons being 2 whole mm too small despite lining up perfectly according to their pre-print measurements.
Ah boooo. Oh well. Thanks much Risu. Looks like im back on the hunt for a decent 9th sonic beater. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. after posting...*sighs* Oh well guess I'm stuck saving my fricken money for a CT or QMx when That comes out!

I'm already saving my money for Magnoli's fabric...
These are my parts. I've drawn them up and posted them to shapeways. Some of the parts are up on the site just so that I could prototype them for my own purposes. Your welcome to order them for your own projects, but be advised, they're all prototypes.

You can get lenses for the Tennant sonic here. 15mm Foiled Sapphire Round Glass Cabachon
is there any chance you'll be doing a run anakin? also, will you make them in aluminium also or just the materials that are on the site?
Anakin, have you ordered the parts yourself to test the fit? If the parts fit together properly, I might order a set all in white detail and paint them up with crackle and rub n buff as a stunt sonic.
How does that matter? Shapeways dimensions aren't entirely accurate, you can design two parts that fit together perfectly and they'll be way off. Ordering to test fit is the only way of knowing.
uhh, but why would you ask him if he ordered the parts if he made them himself...well thats how i interpreted his post, "these are my parts".
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