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    My daughter loves the animated film, "the Song of the Sea" so I wanted to make the shell flute that Saoirse plays.

    Looking for actual Nautilus shells proved difficult, and ones the right side were pricey, so I decided wood would be the way to go.
    Cut out the rough shape, and then used a dremel to do the swirl.
    Then I added the tone holes and the blow hole.
    More sanding...
    Then a coat of primer
    And then found this pearl colored acrylic paint that gave it a nice depth.
    And here it is.
    image.jpg image.jpg
    Next time I would probably go the extra mile to make the wood as smooth as possible, as there's some surface areas that aren't quite right. But all in all, she's happy with it, so that makes me smile!
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    Excellent I hope she has a lot of fun with her new Daddy made flute
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    that is so beautiful, I love this movie too. nice job with the shell, your daughter has excellent taste.

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