Somewhat OT - Model Decals


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ok before I start up again on my jedi starfighter model and it all goes terribly wrong and I end up wasting $50 I just wanna ask this first.

ok the detail on the model is purely decals, what is the best way to stick em on there and make em stay permenantly?


Lynn TXP 0369

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I would assume if there are directions in the kit to follow them. They are probably standard waterslide decals and just put them on like a regular model decals then clear coat them with clear paint.

Mike J.

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IIRC, there's a product called "Solv-a-Set" that helps decals to stick down properly... There are similar products... I just can't remember the names... a decent model shop should have them.



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I used to use Micro-Sol and Micro-Set back when I was building a lot of models. Good stuff, you should be able to find it at just about any decent hobby shop. The "Sol" is good for decals going over areas with lots of surface detail, and the "Set" is good for general purpose decal setting.

If you're going to use a clearcoat, be *certain* you let the decals dry for a good length of time - I used to wait 4 or 5 hours, sometimes longer - before shooting anything over them. If all of the moisture hasn't left them, any kind of paint or solvent will squirm right up underneath the decals and either lift or craze don't want either to happen.
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