Something completely different. STEAM POWER!

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Hey guys,

I know this isn't completely prop and replica related but I thought some of you might enjoy it. It's definitely not your typical model kit!

I've started an online build of a kit from a company in Spain called OcCre. They are most famous for making very detailed kits of large sailing vessels, however; They recently started making kits of locomotives using boat building techniques. For me this is the most exciting part of building this kit. There's not plastic injected parts - It's all white metal, laser cut wood and metal sheets, and some laser cut acrylic.

The finished kit will look something like this:
Thats right it's an old timey 4-4-0 steam locomotive. I guess considering this style engine has been featured in many films over the years it means it's not completely off subject for the RPF. Plus considering the clever way this multi-media kit is built I'd imagine there's some applicable lessons to be passed along to the community.

Here's a few images of some of the parts that make up this beautiful locomotive!

The casted parts look sharp and surprisingly some of the thicker metal parts are laser cut. This is the first time I've ever seen a model kit with photo-etched and laser cut metal parts. Very cool. Assembly begins with the undercarriage frame:
The finished undercarriage is very strong (and heavier than it appears!) Should be a very sturdy model once finished.

I'll have a build update this weekend. In the meantime feel free to check out more photos on my blog:

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It looks a bit like the Back to the Future train. Not quite, but similar.

It is a pretty close match. The train in BTTF3 is a 4-6-0 (meaning it has one extra pair of drive wheels.) This kit could be modified into one. I imagine OcCre would sell you an extra set of wheels if one wanted to mod this.

- - - Updated - - -

Started working on some of the wooden frame parts. The boiler is composed of 3 sub-assemblies all made from the laser cut wood sheet. The pieces fit together like a puzzle - very clever.


One suggestion I'd make to anyone building this is to number the parts according to the guide BEFORE removing them from the sprue. It will make assembly much easier.

This wood boiler frame is what the metal panels will be connected too. I like how this technique feels like I'm actually building a boiler. Some of the wooden parts need a slight taper before the sheet is applied. My dremel has made quick work of that!


There is a ash box on the lower part of the boiler that is assembled separately and is installed into the undercarriage first. It's a combination of wood, metal, and plastic mesh parts.


The 2 tabs in the center of the box will align with 2 slots on the bottom of the boiler.


Here is the ash box installed in the undercarriage. Haven't given the undercarriage a final coat of paint because I'm not sure I like the gun metal color I selected. I want it to be a little darker - but not black - dark cast iron is the look I'm going for.


The other cool part I finished building is the cow catcher. It goes together smoothly and needed very little finish work. Here's an example of how the wooden substructure gets layered with a final metal part. This catcher will look stunning with a coat of paint.


On the bottom side you can see some of the locator slots that makes assembling this complex looking part very easy.


A little putty and sanding and this will be ready for paint!


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I would say that your build of this model definitely belongs in the General Modelling Section and is most welcome. Please keep us advised on your progress.
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